It's time to VANQUISH dull, lackluster marketing.


You started your business because you had an idea that would change the world.

You were confident you could do it better than the "other guy" in town. 


But are you losing sales because customers are a little confused (or unenthused) about what you do? 

transfer your passion

Kardia Communications will build excitement for your business and light a spark that spreads from one customer to the next.


Writing Services

Collaborate with our thoughtful, intuitive writers. We’ll showcase your business . . . and make it feel effortless!

Website content, press releases, resumes, and more.


Content Marketing

More than 75% of shoppers do research online before making a purchase. Do you have a strategy to reach them?

Social media management, email marketing, and more.

Our Customers

We serve businesses that are driven by passion and built around relationships.

  • Construction & Trades

  • Event Venues

  • Health & Wellness

  • Accounting & Insurance

  • Non-profits

  • And more!


Behind the name


What does.png

.Kardia is an ancient Greek word meaning heart. It’s where we get our English word “cardiac”. But in the original language, kardia had more of a figurative meaning — that inner part of yourself, deep in your core, that overflows with emotions, thoughts, interests, and desires.

In other words: kardia is where you feel all the feels.

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