Relationships are the HEART of our business


We celebrate our clients’ wins. 🎉

We actively promote our clients to our friends, our neighbors . . . heck, even the person we just met at the grocery store!

We’re keen listeners, always seeking opportunities to serve.

We value integrity, kindness,
excellence, and grit.

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Kardia is an ancient Greek word meaning heart. It’s where we get our English word “cardiac”. But in the original language, kardia had more of a figurative meaning — that inner part of yourself, deep in your core, that overflows with emotions, thoughts, interests, and desires.

Kardia is where you feel all the feels.

Melissa Harstine, Founder     Communications Consultant & Freelance Copywriter

Melissa Harstine, Founder

Communications Consultant & Freelance Copywriter

Compelling stories can change lives. I witnessed it during my 10 years in nonprofit communications, and I see it now as I help small and mid-sized businesses truly connect with their customers.

Power comes from nuance. I notice subtle things my clients communicate with an eye twitch or a slight change in their voice. It helps me infuse my clients’ values and personality into their writing.

I’m an analytical creative. A thinker and feeler. My brain never shuts off.

  • College: University of Iowa

  • Field of study: English and journalism

  • Favorites: Black coffee, presidential biographies, baking up a storm, and attending K-State games with my sweet husband.

  • Fun fact: I grew up on a family farm in Iowa. My county had 2.5 times more pigs than people!

Audrey Armstrong     Admin Assistant & Research

Audrey Armstrong

Admin Assistant & Research

Surviving the craziness of four young sons has prepared me well to handle the multitasking required in admin work. I’ve been married to my adventuresome husband, Aaron, for 13 years, and we have 4 boys (ages 8, 7, 5 and 10 months).

Previous jobs: elementary school French teacher; high school English & French teacher; editor for an online women’s ministry website. Working as an assistant teacher at a preschool was definitely the hardest job of my career!

  • College: Truman State University

  • Field of study: B.S. in English/Linguistics, B.A. in French, Master of Arts in Teaching

  • Favorites: Run, hike, read, bake (especially things with chocolate), travel, and watch the St. Louis Cardinals . . . when I'm not playing with the boys or doing mountains of laundry, that is!

  • Fun Fact: My husband is a competitive Olympic weightlifter.

Nathan Fleming     Digital Marketing Assistant

Nathan Fleming

Digital Marketing Assistant

I love everything creative. I love to learn new social media and graphic design skills in my free time. I also like to make music!

  • College: Kansas State University

  • Field of study: Marketing and Sales

  • Fun fact: I am a founding member of the Rap n Producing Club at Kansas State University.