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E-COmmerce Website Copy

Christopher Creek Rustics


Chris Brock is a craftsman who was eager to turn his woodworking hobby into a business. I partnered with design firm Downtown Interactive to create a custom e-commerce website that showcases Chris's gorgeous products.


Market Research

  • I read customer reviews on other e-commerce sites to identify when and why people buy custom wood decor.

  • I learned that people typically purchase this item as a gift for a family member or close friend on a special occasion.

  • In light of this finding, I decided to write website copy that would help customers feel a personal connection with Chris.

Interviews & Observation

  • I spent six hours interviewing Chris and one hour observing him in shop.

  • He comes from a family of craftsmen and artists, so I included these heritage stories on the About page to evoke a sense of nostalgia.

  • I also included sensory details so people could imagine Chris at work — skillfully transforming a rustic piece of wood into heirloom decor.

As a child, Chris loved watching his grandpa build things. He can still picture the dusty, single car garage with tools and workbenches on every wall and scraps of wood scattered across the floor.
— Website Copy Excerpt

Product Differentiation

  • Chris’s signature product is a wooden K-State flag with a Powercat logo. The exotic wood is naturally purple — no stain! I included this fun detail on the product page.

  • I also created a special “About the Wood” page where Chris describes why he likes working with each species of wood. It’s the only page on the site written in the first person. This makes it feel like a conversation directly between Chris and the customer, rather than an impersonal transaction over the internet.

Every piece of wood has a story to tell. When I see it, I think, “What can I make out of this?”
— Website Copy Excerpt


  • Using my market research, I wrote product descriptions that appeal to the head and the heart. This was particularly important for Chris’s gun concealment flag. I wanted to reassure parents that the wallhanging would be safe around children.


Screenshot of Product Description:

Screenshot 2019-08-24 12.21.39.png

Final Thoughts

Although I work with words, not wood, I feel like a craftsman. My passion is to take the raw elements of an idea, a person, or a moment in time, and turn them into something radiant.

I hope you enjoy Christopher Creek Rustics!